iPhones and iPads are freezing not because of any cold wave its due to a setting change and the device is getting stuck on the login screen. Other scenarios are few apps crashed leaving the users stranded in the middle of their activities.

Apple re-releases iOS 9.3 to fix bugs
Apple re-releases iOS 9.3 to fix bugs

The Bug

Last week many iPhone and iPad users downloaded the iOS 9.3 update and then while activation the device got stuck on the login screen and for few the apps are not opening up or not working, in a nutshell, the device using iOS 9.3 all were impacted and facing the issue in using the iPhone or the iPads. This one is amongst the many Apple bugs because of which consumers are getting affected by mass numbers.

The Fix

After the stories came out and the consumers started reporting the issues, Apple was forced to send out another iOS 9.3 updates as a fix for this problem. The name of the iOS version has been kept the same, only build number is different 13E237. Apple has immediately updated their website’s help center with the steps involved in fixing the issue.

The Steps

Apple has dropped the iOS 9.3 update and asking all the impacted users to update their devices again. However, there are few issues there also. In order to update the user will have to get to the settings and then use their current Apple ID and password, in case the credentials are wrong the device will be locked permanently. It is recommended that users should use the iCloud web link from a computer and then perform the update so that in case they forget the credentials, it could be re-created from the website which is not possible from the handheld device.

One more option has been mentioned where the user could connect the device to a computer using USB and connect it to iTunes which will further give the access to activate the device.


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