These days, numerous police agencies are asking the FBI to unlock iPhone that they feel might contain evidence. To unlock the iPhone and iPod Touch related to a double murder, the Conway Police Department Arkansas is going to use the resources of FBI.

The Smart Money says that Apple will soon figure out the magic trick of FBI and quickly put the kibosh on it regardless of whether the FBI responds to Apple’s request to spill the beans over unlocking iPhone of a user. Through a court case in New York involving an Apple’s iPhone 5S belonging to the drug dealer, Apple might have the chance to learn how FBI unlocked the iPhone.

There is a speculation that behind the newfound powers of FBI, an Israeli Software company used to move contacts and other data from one device to another. A contract of $15,000 between FBI and Cellebrite (Israeli firm) was explored online the day when FBI announced it had unlocked the deceased terrorist’s phone without Apple’s help.

It is definitely creating a buzz and desperation to know the reason in the iPhone’s manufacturers. Let’s see, what would be the next step taken by Apple. However, this news shows that Apple’s devices aren’t as much secured as we think. If less-known Israeli manufacturers of machines (company) can do it, then it is very simple for every tech firm.

This buzz has definitely questioned the credibility of Apple’s smartphone and other devices.


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