We are just one month away to get the real glitch on iPhone 7, but rumours are doing around for a long time about the features and specs of the upcoming device from Apple. The latest report from Bloomberg is, Apple plans to refurbish the home button and will use a pressure sensitive technology there.

It will replace the physical button with a non-physical one which will start vibrating in order to let you know that you have touched the button. This report was also confirmed in the last month by a Japanese site Makotakara.

Apple To Include Pressure Sensitive Home Button In iPhone 7
Apple To Include Pressure Sensitive Home Button In iPhone 7

The sale of iPhone is on the downside and this is the reason tech giant Apple has planned to integrate some modest changes in their upcoming devices. Apart from the pressure sensitive Home button, another interesting feature in iPhone 7 Plus is the dual camera system. The photos captured in this camera would be brighter and sharper. The technology of dual sensor is designed to capture photos by both the camera of their own which will finally merge into a single image. The photo quality in Zoom in and out would remain the same and generate excellent images under the low light condition as well and all these are because of the dual sensors camera.

Another important point to note down is that the company will now ditch 3.5mm audio jack and will sport a stereo speaker in that place for the first time. Also, the new iPhone 7 is expected to arrive in Space Black color, the same color in which Apple watch is available. Overall, iPhone 7 is coming to draw your attention to amazing changes in the features and specs and owning one would really be helpful to enjoy all its features.

Apple is all set to host the launch event in September, so wait till then and discover the actual features of this new device.


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