John Ive, Apple design chief summarized in a quote that before Apple could take on a different project they would polish and better iOS 10.

Apple News and Apple Music, which were launched with iOS 9, both got upgrades in the version 10 of iOS. Both these did not receive an overwhelming response initially, but Apple acknowledged the errors and made the necessary changes.

iOS 10 Will Also Have a Remote Control App

Apple’s new Home app has been built keeping in mind the HomeKit initiative; they have been working on this project for the past two years. The new app has been designed mainly to control different home appliances and gadgets. To have a better connection with Apple TV, iOS 10 will also have a remote control app which will outdo the actual remote control. To expand its Continuity project, Apple will now introduce a Universal Clipboard, which will allow copy and paste between Macs, iPads and iPhones.

Probably but Important

Apple Plans to Refine iOS 10
Apple Plans to Refine iOS 10

The iOS 10 matches the expectancy as it has addressed the prior weaknesses. The new lock screen looks great with the ‘raise to wake’ feature in answer to some who grudged about the fingerprint sensor of iPhone 6s to be too fast. Now notifications can be seen with a 3D Touch without unlocking the phone; the upgrade was crucial as Android phone already has such features.

Siri is now cannier and proactive and instead of just responding to commands it also gives suggestions. Another cool feature was to track and pay for Uber rides and book restaurants from within the Apple Maps.

iOS and Android Move Together

Apple and Google both strive to streamline their interface so if an update happens in one of them the other has it soon.

There is not much which has been added to the iOS 10 as Apple already needs to catch up with prior commitments. Apple needs to buckle up with the fast development of Android.


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