Apple plans 3D Camera for iPhone! This week has been a lot about Apple. The company has been sharing several developments for better user experience in the market this week and we are all excited to see what rolls in next by Apple.

Yes, so far Apple is developing a 3D camera with 3D sensors in hope to reinvent the user experience ever provided by Apple.

Apple plans 3D Camera for iPhone
Apple plans 3D Camera for iPhone

According to news and official statements by the company over this matter, we have heard that it is expected to begin in September.With proper research team working with Apple, Analyst Ming ChiKuo mentioned in his local interview that:

3D Camera System

After 1-2 years spent on related component R&D, OLED iPhone to feature proprietary 3D camera system; three modules of a 3D camera system to be calibrated precisely via active alignment. In keeping with Apple’s stringent quality standards, we believe:

  1. Related optical components, including VCSEL, DOE, wafer-level lens and filter for IR transmitting module, and CIS, filter, and lens of IR receiver module have all been custom-designed in collaboration with suppliers; and
  2. Calibration of front camera, IR transmitting and IR receiving modules via active alignment is required in order to allow the 3D camera system to operate precisely.

Apple is looking to diversity this time and aims for a complicated camera module! It might be incorporated in iPhone 8 that is all set to be launched by the middle of this year. For iPhone 8, the phone can be made from glass or stainless steel that will help in incorporating the technology of 3D Camera within.

The Home Button will be integrated within the screen and it would be wireless charging this time too! Yes, and like iPhone 7, it is going to be without headphone jack! Seems like, Apple is going to set the standards of phones to the next level against its competitors in the market.


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