Apple Pay is all set to debut in the Russian Market, Russia is the tenth country where Apple’s mobile payment service will be operating.

Apple Pay is one of the features on the recent iPhones and Apple Watch; it is basically a contact payment technology that takes your debit cards, credit cards or other payment data from the Wallet app.

Apple Pay Is Debuting In Russia
Debuting In Russia

So you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to check out from the retail stores equipped with point-of-sale registers which support the NFC (Near Field Technology).

All they need to do is place their smartphones or Apple watch in which the internet is connected, near the point-of-sale sensors to process a payment, without swiping a card. The same can be done to pay for goods purchased in the apps from various mobile websites through the Apple Pay accounts.

Apple Pay has been operating in United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Unites States, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Australia, France, and Canada. Apple also plans to extend this service to Japan.

There Are Many Apps Apple Pay Integrated Them

There are many apps that have Apple Pay integrated into them including Starbucks, OpenTable, Staples, Etsy, Sephora, Target and Instacart.

According to a latest update by Reuters, Apple Pay is striving to increase its usage outside the United States as it also faces tough competition from the local banks and China’s Alipay. It had estimated that the Apple Pay’s usage was around $10.9 billion last year but most of the payments were done in the United States.

However, Apple defended by saying that there were one million new users that were being added to the payment service every week and that the transactions through Apple Pay were five times more compared to last year. Without a proper baseline usage, it is difficult to draw an accurate result to understand whether or not there is a significant increase in the volume or not.

Apple’s international rivals are Android Pay, Google and Samsung Pay.


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