Apple patents new vaping technology. Apple is the most valuable company in the world for a reason and they continue to invest and develop more products which should go a long way in helping them to maintain their position. In recently released files and documents by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Silicon Valley-based company patented an application which details some peculiar vaporizer technology.

The document was apparently filed last year and it shows the plans for one apparatus which can be used to regulate the temperature within a canister so that it could be used to release heat. The device is also able to keep air out of the canister even when the substance is being vaporized.

Apple patents new vaping technology
Apple patents new vaping technology

Armed with all this information, yo might be lead to believe that Apple might be looking at a new kind of i-Vale device, but it does not look like that. The patent on its own does not signify if the device is a standalone device or rather one which would be paired with another existing Apple device. The application does not even show if there is a human end user.

The notion of an e-cigarette is not completely out of the question but Apple might also be looking maybe on the air freshener side. Since we know that Apple is working on car technology, this could be part of that, which is the best explanation for this. Other car companies, Mercedes-Benz notably has been looking at automated scents for their cars. It might also be a way for Apple to make all Apple stores smell the same, though that notion is believed to be far fetched.

Some new technology has also made it possible for users to create holograms using vapor technology. There is also a smartphone which allows you to smoke. So the array of ideas and plans that Apple has is vast. All we can do in the meantime is sit down and wait for Apple to wow us as they usually do.


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