Apple officially started sending invitations to the developers. Registrations will be accepted until April 22. Tickets will be offered through a random selection as mentioned on the Apple’s site.

Apple WWDC16
Apple WWDC16

Thus, Apple is confirmed the news about the Worldwide Developer Conference 2016 that came from Siri; Siri answered the question of the times of WWDC as:

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held June 13 to June 17 in San Francisco. I’m so excited!

The conference will be held Moscone West convention center in San Francisco. Because of the popularity of the Apple’s conference tickets will be offering through an election.

Attendees will be able to  participate with engineers of Apple and sessions of wide variety of topics especially about development purposes those mainly intended for the developers as mentioned in the conference’s name, WWDC.

Through the conference, attendees will be able to access almost a thousand of engineers those can assist them code-level support and knowledge about new development techniques with integration of their apps to the latest operating system, iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS.

Beside this fact that the conference intended for developers, we experienced many of the advancements today about the technology those made by Apple, unveiled in these conferences. In these conferences, we met iPhone, iPad, iPod and many of excellent devices we use as a part of our lives. People are became expecting new devices and major updates for Apple’s softwares. It’s been only a month Apple has introduces a new model of iPhone, iPhone SE. That new phone is just a compilation of current iPhones and basically doesn’t contain and radical changing or advancements. Because of that enthusiasts of Apple has become always waiting for WWDC.

Many of the people are expecting a new iPhone from WWDC16, and the speculations around, says fantastic things as always.

We will be seeing what the developer conference will show us as an advancement on June 13.


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