Apple released three new iPhone models – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. But are the upgrades in the iPhones worthy enough for what they are charging their users?

However, it is quite clear that their annual sale is still going to be about 210 million while the sales will also remain steady. Apple seems to have played smart – a small upgrade and the money keeps coming in. When it comes to revealing numbers and revenue to the shareholders of the new iPhones this is exactly what is needed.

Apple's New iPhone Models Are Disappointing
Apple’s New iPhone Models Are Disappointing

What do you think are genuine upgrades in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8

Plus? Wireless charging – a feature that other operating systems such as Windows and Android have been using for some years now.  There are some tweaks in the screen and the camera for portrait images, the A11 Bionic and the added storage facility. But are these menial upgrades enough for the Apple users to be attracted to buy these new iPhones?

iPhone X – Facial Recognition

To add to the chaos the company has decided to add another iPhone to the list – iPhone X which they have priced it at $1000. However, the iPhone X has every upgrade and feature which the iPhones 8 and 8 Plus did not have. The facial recognition is one of the best features here. However, on a whole, the package of three still doesn’t seem quite fruitful.

The Android handsets seem to be more powerful with better features and high-end specs. They also seem to be the first to come out with new technologies in the market. Apple has an upper hand when it comes to being able to code the operating system to hardware in such a way that is not possible with Android’s immense base of hardware support.

But Apple doesn’t seem to be using this advantage instead it looks forward to being on the safe side by rolling out small updates and pulling in your money.

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