Apple is going to do some changes to its music streaming service, Apple Music. The overhaul will see a major design change, a revamped “For You” section, and a new feature in the form of lyrics support. And it will be the social interaction option, Connect that receives the major changes.

Connect played a pivotal role when Apple’s music streaming service was introduced back in 2015. However, the feature will play a significantly less important role, when the next version of iOS will come out this fall.

Apple Music's Connect Has No Place In iOS 10, As No One Using It
Apple Music’s Connect Has No Place In iOS 10, As No One Using It

Originally Connect was designed as a tool that brings closer artists and their fans. For example, while on tour, an artist has an opportunity to share audio records, pictures taken, and lyrics with his or her fans. Who, in return, would be able to subscribe, leave comments, or like artist’s posts. But the feature turned out to be hugely unpopular, with some even using an option to disable Connect.

Right now, Connect has its own tab in Apple Music’s interface. But, according to many sources, the feature will lose its place, and be removed to app’s “For You” recommendations page, and appear on pages of some artists. Such a demotion consequently proves, that the feature has not lived up to the expectations, and no upgrades will be added to Connect anytime soon.

Jessica Lessin, the founder of The Information, and Mike Isaac, a tech reporter for the New York Times, both agreed that the change for Apple Music is very much needed, in order for service to continue to prosper. Lessin thinks it is a good move for Apple Music to be integrated with iTunes, when Isaac thinks, that the company should take an opportunity to make a service stand out from rivals such as Spotify.


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