Apple is planning to make its Apple Music service easy to use by giving it a huge overhaul, sources close to the matter have said.

The user interface is going to be more intuitive, and the company also plans to upgrade the streaming and download section of the service and also plans to expand the online radio business. People familiar with the matter reported the new advancements but refused to give their identities since the matter is still to be made public.

Apple Music set for huge overhaul, Announcement expected at WWDC in June
Apple Music set for huge overhaul, Announcement expected at WWDC in June

Reports from Bloomberg show that Apple plans to unveil the new overhaul of Apple Music at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The smartphone making giant also plans to change the advertising campaign and shift to one which will help entice new customers. The service currently costs $10 per month for US customers.

The Apple Music service was first introduced back in 2015 in June, with the first three months of the subscription free for all. Positive reviews were generally the norm at first though the lack of features on the service and the untidy interface were criticized. Taylor Swift wrote Apple an open letter about the three-month free subscription trial period, as she did not like the fact that Apple intended not to pay artists during that period. She threatened to not release her hugely popular 1989 album on the service if there was no change. Apple Music’s Connect feature has also been criticized by artists themselves who claim it has failed miserably.

Uniting the download business of iTunes and the streaming service has been entirely difficult for the company. As such they have taken Robert Kondrk, the content head, and Trent Reznor to oversee the service. Former Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine and senior VP of Internet services Eddy Cue.

The company has had 13 million subscribers to the Apple Music service since its launch as announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the earnings call. The number is a 2 million rise from February figures which shows a growth rate the same as that of the leading streaming service, Spotify.


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