Apple Music Converter is one of the best software’s to convert your Apple Music, M4P and audiobook of AA/AAX format to the more common music formats like Mp3, AIFF, etc. Some of the features of this unique product are:

Convert Apple Music Tracks

All the songs which are bought via Apple Music or from the iTunes Store are available in an M4P format and are not playable on non-apple devices. With this software, you have full control over your purchased content and can convert the purchased music to formats such as MP3, WAV, ETC.

Apple Music Converter - Convert Apple Music To Other Formats At Amazing Speeds
Apple Music Converter – Convert Apple Music To Other Formats At Amazing Speeds

Audiobook Converter

iTunes music is available in formats such as M4B, AA and AAX formats. Apple music converter converts these into popular music formats such as MP3 or M4A. Not only does it convert the format, you can also retain the information of the chapters from the original audiobook as well.

Extract Audio from iTunes Video

Separating an audio from an iTunes video can be a difficult task. Apple Music Converter makes it easier to do so. We can now detach audio files from video files such as music videos, movies, TV shows, etc. The quality of the audio is very high and can be done at amazing speeds as well.

Compatible with iTunes Library

Apple Music Converter is easily compatible with the iTunes Music Library. It can access the music library very fast and is also able to recognize all the already existing playlists as well. It can also support the very latest version of iTunes and lets you preview all your content directly with the iTunes software on your computer. Not every music converter software can do this.

Customizable Options

Another interesting feature of Apple Music Converter is that you can customize the output audio file in any way you wish to. With the help of some good tools, you can edit your audio files. Some of the edit operations include adjusting the Bitrate, sample rate and channels as per your convenience and requirements. You have the full right to enjoy music the way you like it.

Fast Conversion

The conversion has never been easier. With Apple Music Converter, you can opt for conversion in batch mode which helps you convert your music at alarming rates of up to 16X. Quality of the output video is completely loss-less and is almost same to that of the input source file.

With such amazing features on offer, Apple Music Converter is certainly one of the best in the market today.

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