Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple is looking forward to opening retail stores in India and this was said after a long discussion with the Indian Government. After declaring the third quarter result in an analyst conference call, the company CEO stated soon they will start an Apple Store in India down the road as they see the great potential of that vibrant country.

During the earning call, the company also reported iPad sales growth first time in 10 quarters and great numbers of iPhone SE sales.

Apple looks forward to launch stores in India: Tim Cook
Apple looks forward to launching stores in India: Tim Cook

Tim Cook again went on to announce that India is one of their fastest growing market and in the three-quarters of this fiscal year the sales of iPhone in India is up by 51 percent. The company has already announced for settings up of a design and development accelerator in order to support the Indian developers in coming up with innovative apps for iOS and a new office in Hyderabad is already opened to accelerate the maps development.

Tim Cook has Visited India and China During The Last Quarter

Tim Cook has visited India and China during the last quarter and he was really encouraged by the growth prospects of those countries. As of now, iPad and iPhone are available in India through the re-sellers and with opening an Apple Store in India, it will eliminate the need of employing any middleman.

Tim Cook expressed his wish to open a retail store in India at the beginning of the year but during then it was bit tough due to the domestic government’s foreign investment laws which stated that 30% of the goods sold in India is to be locally sourced. However, later some changes were made in the laws in order allow the eligible companies to do their business in India.

The number of stores to be opened in India and their time frame is still not shared.


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