If you are living in the 21st century, then Apple is a name that you must have heard. It is a company that is known to produce and manufacture some of the best techs nowadays. The highlight for the company is necessary their smartphones or computers. The Apple iPhone is a phone that has become really powerful and is perfect for its price. These phones have some of the best specs that you will ever find and are updated on yearly bases.

A service that Apple launched is known as “iPhone Upgrade Program“, what this service does is that it provides the user an easy way to get a new phone every year. However, a user can avail this service by going to a physical Apple retail store.

Apple iPhone’s Upgrade Program Is Now Available
Apple iPhone’s Upgrade Program Is Now Available

The company is now looking to bring this service online too, which will allow people to buy a new phone online. Pricing begins at $32.41 a month for the 16GB iPhone 6S and is not available for the iPhone SE which is less likely to be upgraded on an annual basis.

It is a 24-month installment plan that includes AppleCare+ and gives you an unlocked phone so that you are able to swap for a new one the next year. It is arguably the best way to buy an iPhone and is a really easy service, instead of saving so much money to but the phone, in the end, you can just pay $32 monthly and get a phone, this seems to affordable.


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