Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs. Google Pixel. With Apple leading the mobile phone industry in the world, Android is always a threat! Android features are constantly updated and new innovations are easily accessible for the users, Apple always takes the time to come up with an update.

Discussing the camera technology used is Apple invests a lot on ensuring that camera technology never disappoints the users and performance are packed in every iPhone model released in the market.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs. Google Pixel
Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs. Google Pixel

For Camera, Apple delivered Portrait Mode in its iPhone 7 Plus phones. With two 12 megapixel sensor and wide angle lens, iPhone 7 Plus can take a Bokeh photo just from it. Before that, it was only possible in the expensive DSLR Cameras. The software behind is smart because it artificially blurs the background and brings one main thing in the focus. With this update, Apple jaw dropped its users who were ready to spend as long as their camera was perfect!

On the other hand. Apple’s competitor Google released its smartphone Pixel that was delivering the same effect called lens blur. The result was different and Apple took the lead too! Many of experts decided to have competition between two big companies to see what device can offer better photos. On one side where Pixel was able to take same technology for Bokeh effect in its photo, the iPhone 7 Plus gave the result of more fascinating shots. Note that the Portrait feature is solely for Apple iPhone 7 Plus only and will not be available on iPhone 8!

Seems like, with such results, Apple has invested a lot in its features and is ready to beat any competitor coming in its way! The expectations will be high as long as iPhone sets to release more and more phones in the market equipped with better technology!


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