Apple is going to Surprise its fans with its new gadget launch on its 10th anniversary.

Apple is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone in 2017 having some great plans in their mind. As Apple has been launching many awesome smartphones for many years, has another surprising device with some most advanced and speculate features in it, going to be launched in 2017.

Apple Glass Sheet Launch in 2017
Apple Glass Sheet Launch in 2017

Apple is supposed to be checking more than 10 prototype iPhone models, so we don’t know clearly what is behind the screen.

Rumors show to build a radical redesign. Because of this purpose, they want to build the camera and touch ID directly into the display. It means they don’t want the home button.

Single Glass Sheet

Jony Ive is trying to introduce a smartphone which looks like only a single glass sheet and as they want to introduce wireless charging system, glass is necessary for this too.

Using edge to edge design, the total front would be taking up of the iPhone by the display. But it’s not assured that if the display will grow up or the iPhone will shrink down for a display setting of the mobile phone. The display of the mobile has a flexible plastic OLED instead of an LCD. It permits the apple to introduce a thinner device which will consume less power and provide a great display with high contrast and colors.

Curved-edged display is another attribute of this phone just like Samsung Galaxy S7. Most rumors seem to suggest a 5.5-inch display is probable that will be quite an attractive offer for the consumer.

To talk about the body, the glass body similar to that of the iPhone 4 and unlike other recent versions is most expected. The most-used aluminum will get totally out except in the frame around the glass, the major part of the body. Rumors also suggest stainless steel frame of the glass and a total goodbye to aluminum.


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