Apple is finally embracing developers like NEVER before. Apple announced iOS 10 integration with third-party applications in WWDC. Now that you will be able to call a Uber with Siri, third-party phone services like WhatsApp can become the default way to call certain friends. You can open an app directly from Apple’s Messages, letting you alert a friend to order you’ve placed. And inside the Apple Maps app, you can look up sushi restaurants in the area, make a reservation with OpenTable, book an Uber and pay for the ride using Apple Pay.

Apple Finally Inviting Developers
Apple Finally Inviting Developers

CNET reports, The move, announced by Apple at its WWDC developers conference in San Francisco, marks a reversal of sorts for the company, which has notoriously kept a tight rein on its most critical apps. Rival Google, with its Android software, has always been viewed as the open one. Apple’s willingness to change underscores its need to tap deeper into the developer community to ensure the growing usefulness of its iPhone at a time when Google and Amazon are pouring resources into artificial intelligence, which promises to make devices smarter than ever.

Hold Your Horses!

It is Developers Who are Opening Up

While you think Apple is finally opening up to its developers, it is developers who are opening up. It is important to consider that Apple is only letting developers open up. Not all apps will work with Siri and Maps, and thus, only a few integrations are possible. It is still not as customizable as Android, so yes, that’s when you have held back. Only apps for audio/video calling, messaging, payments, photo searches, workouts and ride booking will work with Siri, and Maps appears to support only ride booking and restaurant reservations.

However, these limitations are understandable. If you have multiple music players, Siri would be confused on which application to launch if you want to play music. Apple wants to make sure the process is still smooth. Who knows, what Apple has on the plate for us in future. After all, they have to keep developers happy too.


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