Failing to plan is planning to fail. Apple knows this and is occupied with preparing for the enormous dispatch of its Apple Watch, which is relied upon to do what the iPhone accomplished for the organization.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is rigging a new sales strategy on its Apple Stores to accommodate the influx of clients willing to test the Specifically, Apple will assign 15 minutes every customer and will set up 10 or more stations where customers can try the gadget.

During the tests, customers will be guided by trained Apple employees and will be able to reserve their own unit. Those without reservations can still get an Apple Watch on April 24th, as stores will have units ready walk-in purchases. Sources said that Apple is dividing its retail staff into four groups. The first group will be assigned at the Apple Watch stations to assist customers.

Another group will be assigned for sales. This group will set up two lines: one for customers who already knows what Apple Watch to purchase and another for the individuals who aren’t sure about what model to get.

A third group will be trained to answer general questions and the last group will be made up of well-trained employees called “experts,” who will be helping customers of the gold Apple Watch, which sells for $10,000.

Considering the whopping cost of the gold model, it makes sense for Apple to assign a unique group of salesmen. Apple looks pressured to meet the high expectations. It will be interesting to see how the world responds to the Apple Watch.


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