There have been quite a few discussions which have happened in Apple during the past seven days. Let us take a glance through how the week has been for Apple.

Apple Has Made a Notable Change in The iPhone 7

Apple has made a notable change in the iPhone 7 which is due for release in September this year. The company claims that the Home Button of the phone will no longer function. Sources say that the bezel is now plain and there is no button designed on it.

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Although it is obvious that iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus will be equipped with wonderful features but to promote sales for the device will be difficult as iPhone 8 is in line to be launched next year.

The budgeted iPhone SE seems to have set its foot in the market especially in that of China and India and doing exceedingly well with the price range of $300-$500.

WWDC Highlights

Apple made a whole lot of announcements on WWDC.

  • Apple launched the much-awaited iOS 10 and also discussed ten new functions and feature of iOS. At last, Apple permitted the removal of its iOS apps and not just one but the user can choose to remove all of them.
  • Mac’s earlier operating system OSX has now been renamed as macOS. The change in the new macOS is that it will be better suited for the SSD drives and big multi-media files of now.
  • Apple’s new watch OS3 has now been refurbished with UI. The launch time of the apps has been reduced and background updates have been introduced.
  • There will now be a single login required with the all new and improved Apples TV operating system.
  • Finally, Apple mentioned much about Siri throughout the WWDC but there is much development required for the voice-powered interface.


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