As more and more smartphones and devices are readily available to the public, they are used to generate or store more and more content. Indeed the amount of onboard storage a device has is crucial for its use. Almost everyone would want higher storage capacities for their device.

Apple have now addressed this desire by doubling the storage on the iPhone SE models from 16 GB and 64 GB to 32 GB and 128 GB respectively. The SE model iPhones were the first release in 2016 and cost $399 for the 16 GB version and $499 for the 64 GB version.

Apple to Double the Onboard Storage for iPhone SE
Apple to Double the Onboard Storage for iPhone SE

The new and improved iPhone SE models are sold at the same price, which is a good thing for buyers. The iPhone SE had some noticeable features. These included the smaller form factor and screen which many found perfect for use by a single hand. It was also easier to carry and handle otherwise.

It sported a very impressive 12 Megapixel camera, which holds up against this year’s phones. It also has a great processor: the powerful A9. However, not a lot has changed. It is still an iPhone 5S with the insides of an iPhone 6S. Even the camera and processor are the same as the 6S.

Not surprisingly, it does not come with water protection, 3D touch, and the front camera still has weak selfie game, because those features are reserved for the flagship model; the Apple iPhone 7.

Although it may lack a few features here and there and is a mash up of old and new phones, it still is small and compact and provides a great experience that the flagship iPhones are famous for, and at less the price with double the regular storage.


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