Apple has discontinued iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano today. The internet websites and buying links for both the Apple products are not available.

The news for the same has been also confirmed through email by one of the spokesperson for Apple, who said that these products were officially discontinued. The email read that iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano are being discontinued. The iPod touch will be available in 32 GB for the price of $199 and 128 GB for the price of $299. The 16 GB and 64 GB models have been discontinued.

Apple Officially Discontinues iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano
Apple Officially Discontinues iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

However, some authorized dealers may still have them till their stocks are available. For those who are interested can buy from them.

Both iPod Shuffle and Nano made their debut in 2005 the company stopped reporting about their sale numbers even before 2014.

The iPod Shuffle was originally launched in 2015 that either had 512 MB or 1 GB and looked like a USB stick initially. You could have no more than 240 songs. The latter models of the iPod Shuffle were square in shape. Selection of songs couldn’t be done in the Shuffle and the users would have to scroll through the playlists in their device.

There have been no updates made available for iPod Nano since 2012 after Apple remodeled it and added bluetooth support for wireless speakers and headphones. In 2015 the company launched iPod Nano in different colors for the seventh generation model. The iPod 2007 models had a touch screen.

The MP3 players and iPods have been exiled by the music on smartphones. However, Apple isn’t quite leaving the music market as they debuted their voice controlled HomePod speakers this year in June.

The iPod Touch will now be the only music device that will be available until Apple considers designing something


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