Apple’s Culture is demotivating its top developers. Chris Lattner, the head of Apple’s developer tools and the creator of language Swift, has announced his plans to join Tesla.

This has come as a shock, but it’s basically because of the trend set in Apple, and it’s quite worrying for them. While people might leave their current jobs for all kind of reasons, like exciting new jobs, on the rise, pay raises, and etc, but things are a little different at Apple.

Apple's Culture is demotivating its top developers
Apple’s Culture is demotivating its top developers

One big reason why huge players at Apple tend to leave the mighty tech company is because of the Apple’s secrecy on new projects. According to Business Insider,

He always felt constrained at Apple in terms of what he could discuss publicly — resorting to off-the-record chats, surprise presentations, and the like, Similarly, I know he was constrained in recruiting and other areas. Eventually, I know that can really wear people down.

This time, it won’t be Apple first time. Apple’s entire networking team quit in one-week period back in 2015 when Apple asked them to build a bullet proof networking system, but they were not allowed to collaborate with anyone outside of work. The team quit and built an open-source system called SnapRoute, and it has taken the networking world by storm!

Apple was then forced to change its policy of secrecy for its AI team, and they were categorically allowed to publish their research papers on their work and collaborate with people outside of work.

Yann LeCun, Facebook’s AI director, told Business Insider in December that at Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research unit, known as FAIR, publishing wasn’t just allowed but required.

When it comes to open-source software, Apple hasn’t been completely absent. In addition to Swift, it has allowed for the sharing of numerous other key technologies including WebKit, ResearchKit, and CareKit. It also uses open-source technologies in its products (like its operating systems) and contributes back to those projects.


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