Apple collaborates with former Black Eyed Peas artist, Ben Silverman, and Howard T. Owens to produce a television show about the trials and rewards that accompany the lives of app developers as their work makes a difference. This non-scripted series is Apple’s first television project that is not directly related to the music scene. Rumors have surfaced that Apple is also attempting to offer a streaming television service allowing it to compete with the services that Netflix and Amazon offer.

Apple Creates a Documentary Style Television Series About App Developers
Apple Creates a Documentary Style Television Series About App Developers

Ben Silverman is a director known for his work on the production of the Office and the Biggest Loser while Howard T. Owens is known for his involvement in the creation of MasterChef Junior. This series may sound like nothing outside of a creative marketing tactic to further advertise the apps found on Apple’s App store, but the series is said to take an intimate look into the lives of the creators of the apps and their attempts to solve problems.

Apple has the details of the television series under tight wraps so many important details remain a mystery. We will not know the title of the show, when it will be released, who the app developers are or which apps will be showcased until further notice is given. The only thing we do know is that according to Eddy Cue (Apple’s senior vice President), in an interview for the New York Times, Apple plans on continuing to create televised productions that are music related performances.


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