Here is a recent statement update from Amazon:

Amazon has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on our site.  We work closely with manufacturers and brands, and pursue wrongdoers aggressively.

Apple filed a federal lawsuit this past week which asserted that almost all the iPhones, chargers and the cables which were bought from a popular online retailer, Amazon, were all fake.

In a complaint which was based on a nine-month operation, Apple wrote that due to their efforts for brand protection, they had purchased about 100 iPhones, some Apple products, and various Lightning cables from the Amazon webshop, and which were being sold as genuine by the sellers.

Apple goes to court over fake iPhone chargers and cables on Amazon
Apple goes to court over fake iPhone chargers and cables on Amazon

The products were also being delivered through the famed Fulfillment by Amazon program.

Apple continues to write that their tests showed that 90 percent of the products were counterfeit.

Not Directly Against Amazon

Apple did not directly go against Amazon in the lawsuit, but rather are targeting a New York-based former supplier to Amazon going by the name of Mobile Star.

The lawyers for the smartphone making giant said that the company put some great efforts to fight the distribution and sale of fake counterfeit products which bore the trademarks of the company. However, despite the efforts by the firm, more and more counterfeit products still appear on the Amazon market.

Mobile Star

The lawsuit which was filed on by the company took direct aim at Mobile Star because they say after buying a dozen iPhone chargers and other related cables from the web market, they were told that the fake products had been supplied by Mobile Star. All of the products had also been advertised as genuine iPhone products, which was another issue.

iPhone Chargers

Apple told Amazon about the issue before the e-tailer revealed Mobile Star as the supplier and then submitted all the inventory to Apple so that it could test it. Apple said that they sent letters to Mobile Star which went unanswered, and when the vendor had not responded, they claimed that they had bought the goods from some reputable suppliers. They also refused to release any more information besides that.

In their lawsuit, Apple is asking the federal courts to stop Mobile Star from distributing any more counterfeit products, and also award the company $2 million per counterfeit mark.


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