We have been hearing lots of gossips over the past month about what Apple may unveil at a rumored March event. While numerous speculate that Apple will release a new iPhone and iPad, Apple might also change the way these items are offered.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple will hold an occasion on March 15th that will see the announcement of the rumored lower level iPhone, the ‘iPhone 5se’ and the next iteration of the iPad Air. But, in stark contrast to its previous releases, Apple won’t offer a pre-order period for these gadgets, yet will rather make the newly unveiled iPhone and iPad available to be purchased on March 18th via the retail locations and on the web.

While the iPhone may be ho-hum to a some, the successor to the iPad Air should start some interest. The most iteration is rumored to follow in the footsteps of the iPad Pro and could offer quad speakers, an enhanced display and more RAM. Normally, we will need to wait and see what is unveiled on that day and to confirm whether Apple will indeed deviate from its sales strategy by offering both items without a pre-order.


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