Apple Confirms WWDC 2016! Apple is a company that has been surprising people with its latest devices for quite some time. They either do something out of the ordinary to surprise their followers and users or do nothing at all. WWDC is an event that is hosted by the company every year in San Francisco, this year Siri had already leaked the dates for Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference but now the company has confirmed it.

This year WWDC will start on June 13th and will go on until June 17th, and will be held in San Francisco, all the details about the event including locations and schedule are now available on the WWDC official website.

Apple Confirms WWDC 2016
Apple Confirms WWDC 2016

Tickets for this event will cost $1,599, but one thing to keep in mind is that everyone who is interested in the event will not be able to go there as it was done previously. This year people have to register for this event and then people are randomly picked and are given the opportunity to buy the tickets. The event will kick-off with Apple’s keynote and state of the union speeches at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Auditorium. This year, the company promises some very exciting reveals, the rest of the week will be fully dedicated to presentations about Apple’s latest tech, labs, and consultations. Last year’s WWDC brought Apple Music and updates to IOS and OS X, that is why we cannot predict what the company will show this year, but we can say that it will be exciting.


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