Big tech giant Apple will soon bring their latest flagship iPhone 8 while numerous leaks and rumors are doing the rounds for this device for quite long. Even though there are still some questions such as if Apple will actually wipe out the Touch ID on iPhone 8 if there will be really any shortage at launch or else if it will be priced heavily.

But one thing is finally confirmed that new iPhone will carry a bigger display of 5.8 inches. And this news has been confirmed by none other than the company Apple itself.

Apple Unintentionally Confirms That iPhone 8 Is Supersized
Apple Unintentionally Confirms That iPhone 8 Is Supersized

Apple has mentioned all the details of their new iPhone at their own HomePod beta code while some clever eyes managed to detect that information. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith is the person to discover this news. In a tweet, he has mentioned that he is successfully able to extract the exact metrics of the edge-to-edge iPhone 8. So, even though Apple did not disclose anything on their own, they have unintentionally helped us to know the confirmed news.

iPhone 8 when will reach the market will create a history in the iPhone as this will be the first ever iPhone to equip a bigger display. The display will be 1.1 inches more than that of the iPhone 7 that has 4.7-inch screen size. However, there will be hardly any changes in the size of the phone.

The reason is while Apple has increased the screen size, they have reduced the bezel size thus have been able to maintain the small size of its predecessor.

Anyways, while we are now confirmed on the redesign part of iPhone 8 but still there is much unknown stuff. And in order to gain all the correct details, there is no way other than waiting till Apple unveils their iPhone 8 officially.


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