Apple is releasing a new feature today. The new Apple CareKit iOS framework is going live today. The CareKit allows developers to create and develop some much needed integrated software into the framework. This will help patients and doctors to better use the Kit in tracking and managing medical conditions.

The open source platform which was announced last month is aiming to make the job of developers who create the health apps easier as they offer a number of new features, such as and including monitoring of medical symptoms, sending messages of injury, and also helping in keeping tabs on medication schedules. The CareKit framework also helps by offering two-way benefits by offering both doctors and patients the chance to observe their progress over time.

Apple CareKit platform goes online with cool new features
Apple CareKit platform goes online with cool new features

The Apple CareKit iOS platform is made up of various interactive modules. The Care Card can be configured by developers for managing tasks such as the schedule of medication and exercise while the Progress Card helps with the Symptom and Measurement Tracker. The Progress Card can be used to log in physical metrics such as the weight and heart rate of the user, together with an integration of the Apple Watch. The added Connect module can be used to share health data with other medical personnel and relatives and can be viewed simultaneously with the Progress Card in the Insight Dashboard module.

Apple CareKit Compatible With Various Systems

The launch is only limited to four apps at the moment: Glow Nurture fertility tracker, Glow Baby maternity app, diabetes monitor One Drop, and depression medication tracker Start. CareKit is also compatible with various existing systems such as Epic and is going to be available on GitHub soon.

The other open source framework by Apple, ResearchKit was made available to developers back in 2015 April. This helped create individual apps for the medical research purpose.


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