Apple has been looking at ways to enter the Indian market and make a real impact. It seems to have done just that as it announced that they plan to create a developer facility that could help them with some of the best practices and help them make their iOS apps better design, quality, and performance wise.

The facility will be centered in Bangalore and is called the Design and Development Accelerator will, therefore, be used to help all developers in the country who build apps for the iOS system.

Apple To Build Developer Facility In India
Apple To Build Developer Facility In India

The location of the facility might be strategic in that Bangalore has many developers who work for various multinational organizations or in some of the startups that are sprouting in India or just some of the independent developers. Apple estimates show that approximately 1 million people in the city are employed in the tech industry, with at least 40 percent of university graduates based in the IT sector.

Apple is, therefore, trying to bite into this developer base so that they can build new apps for its platform. They are also aiming at having some of the developers build apps which can best be used by the locales. This would be good since the company is looking at moving from premium apps to urban relatable apps.

India has been earmarked as a growth area by the CEO of Apple, who is on his first visit to the country. The country records showed that the iPhone sales in the country were up 56 percent year on year from the previous quarter, even though this was a representation of rather a smaller base.

Android still seems to have the biggest market share in the country according to Varun Matthew. He is the CEO of Dekkoh, an app that gives assisted buying platform for shopping. He also said that most developers usually tried their apps on Android first before iOS because the feedback in Android was massive due to the high number of users.

Over 90 percent of the Dekkoh app users had Android, he said. He also noted that iOS was good and attractive for developers because the users had a high purchasing power and they also retained the apps they used most of the times. Android users frequently deleted apps to save on their memory.

Apple noted that they would provide experts who would help the developers with briefings and one on one app reviews. The developers will also get tools that will give them ways to create creative apps for users around the world.


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