In line with its iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Apple has lined up an OS X update – macOS Sierra. It was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this June, and the current update is the second of its beta versions, while the third is on its way.

Get to know what is in store!

Siri Integration

With this MacOS Sierra update, Apple brings in the much spoken about Siri Integration to the Mac world. Siri, along with most of its iOS capabilities like Voice commands, setting time-based Facetime calls or reminders, offers Mac-based functions like global file searching or putting on the safe sleep mode.

Apple Brings in Siri to Mac Through Sierra!
Apple Brings in Siri to Mac Through Sierra!

Messages, Photos, and Music

MacOS Sierra recognizes faces and places from your photos from the past and curates them into “Memories”. The new algorithm also groups related photos and videos to create animated videos of them. “Places” tab pins the photos and videos in the world based on the location.

While the Messages is powered with previews for the web content and watching videos without leaving the app and larger emojis in line with that iOS, iTunes is befitted with an easier interface for music discovery along with its newer look.

Seamless Device Integration

As another step towards seamless continuity in the Apple world, MacOS Sierra introduces the Auto unlock feature for Apple Watch users. Now with this update, you can also copy paste between your Apple devices through its Universal Clipboard feature. Safari integration with Apple Pay is yet another feature that you have to watch out for in the official update.

Security Changes

Under the hood, Apple has strengthened its security features through its native encryption and introduction of Apple File System (APFS) based on SSDs. Sierra gives you the option to save all the files in the Documents into its iCloud storage and making it available on across all your Apple devices. It also reminds you to move your old media to

You Can Get Your Hands on MacOS Sierra

Those who doesn’t want to wait for the official release, you can get your hands on MacOS Sierra from the Mac App Store right now!


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