Apple Exec Bozoma Saint John, the new face of Uber. Uber is no doubt a very helpful app that helps us in reaching the intended place hassle free. Uber has offered great comfort in our life which eliminated the need to board a crowded bus or else waiting for hours to get into the public vehicle.

Rather just launch the app, call the Uber Taxi and you can easily and comfortably reach the destination at a cheaper price. Surge pricing are always applicable, however, you do not have to compromise with the comfort and your valuable time is saved at the same time.

Apple Exec Bozoma Saint John, The New Face Of Uber
Apple Exec Bozoma Saint John, The New Face Of Uber

Things were going pretty well until that incident when Uber took an action during the immigration ban related taxi strike. It was then while more than 200,000 users deleted their Uber account and shifted to another similar service Lyft which is the main rival of Uber in the U.S. This incident has completely ruined the image of Uber, as a result, they are presently running into a huge loss.

However, no business organization wants to face loss and they try taking several steps that can help them earn the lost image. Uber too is trying to do the same thing and they are planning to return their lost image with hiring the Apple Exec Bozoma Saint John. She is that lady who stole the show at the Apple’s Development Conference during the last year.  She was the Apple Music’s consumer marketing head. She performed the great task in Apple and Uber wants her to perform similarly to bring back their battered image.

This is the reason Uber very recently hired Bozoma Saint John and appointed her as their new Chief Brand Officer. So, her task is now to convert Uber into a highly loving brand just like Apple.

While talking to her, Bozoma Saint John has stated that she had nothing to do with what have happened with Uber in the past but Uber has a great opportunity for the future and she feels lucky to have a real seat for doing something good to bring back Uber in the right position.


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