Apple has hired Yoky Matsuoka to develop their health initiatives, according to her profile on LinkedIn and a report from Fortune. The former executive of Nest and co-founder of Google X, she will oversee such programs as ResearchKit, HealthKit, and CareKit. Matsuoka’s boss will be chief operating officer Jeff Williams, who is in charge of all the company’s health projects.

Matsuoka has a reach background. She holds a Ph.D. from MIT. There she was part of a project developing a revolutionary robotic arm, BarretHand. She continued her fascination with robots by founding the Neurotics Laboratory at the University of Washington, where she was building a human-robot system.

Apple boost health initiatives with Former Google X Co-Founder & Nest Executive
Apple boost health initiatives with Former Google X Co-Founder & Nest Executive

Matsuoka joined Google back in 2009, in order to help create Google X lab. Then she took the position of a head of technology in a sister company Nest (another Alphabet’s subsidiary). She left Nest after five years of work, and was planning to join Twitter, but all of a sudden was diagnosed with an undisclosed fatal illness. However, the treatment was successful, and Matsuoka decided not to take VP position at Twitter. It was her “another chance at life … An opportunity to start from scratch,” as she wrote on Medium.

She Will Work on The Health Initiatives

Now Matsuoka has updated her LinkedIn profile, reflecting the fact she is now working at Apple. However, her position is not specified, only mentioning is that she will work on the health initiatives. The company’s interest towards health products has been growing steadily. CareKit was launched a month ago, a program that allows its users to keep track of their symptoms and long-term illnesses and helping to share the data with medics. Now there are two health-orientated apps as well, HealthKit and ResearchKit but Apple say more will come in the future.


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