In the recent series of developments, Apple has denied offering any kind of compensation to the woman whose Beat Headphones had exploded during their flight. In the case of explosion, Apple has claimed that these explosions of the Beat Headphones were due to the issues in AAA batteries of the third-party. There were no issues with the Beat Headphones that led to the explosion.

It was this February when a woman (who wished to be anonymous) had suffered burns on her face along with hair when the Beat Headphones had set on fire during her flight from Beijing up to Melbourne. The Beat Headphones that were under question were using the AAA batteries. At the time of the explosion, the woman was sleeping. Therefore, she got burns on her face as well as on her hair due to the mishap.

Apple Blames the Third-Party Batteries for Exploding Beat Headphones Case
Apple Blames the Third-Party Batteries for Exploding Beat Headphones Case

She wished for some reimbursement from Apple’s end. However, she was left highly disappointed when Apple denied all of her claims. The official lawyer of Apple has claimed that the battery that was used in the Beat Headphones were faulty. There were no issues with the headphones. An Apple representative told the press that their investigation has indicated the problem that the explosion was due to the third-party batteries that were used in the headphones.

The model number of the particular headphones is not known. However, the woman claims that she had bought the headphones duty-free during 2014. She had purchased the batteries in Australia.

The woman claimed that the headphones do not function without batteries. In the packaging of Beats Headphones, there was no mention about which particular brand of headphone batteries the owners should be using.

There have no other reports of the Beats headphones exploding. Apple no longer manufactures the headphones that operate on AAA batteries. Therefore, there are higher chances that there could be no fault of Apple in this case.


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