Apple App Store head Phil Schiller is working hard towards improving the app discoverability during his tenure and this is highly noticeable from his announcement. Phil Schiller has added extra app store responsibilities in his role just six months back and now he is trying to help out developers by bringing major changes in the app store. The changes being announced are app store ads while searching for content, subscription access to every developer, improvements in search and more.

The subscription to all products will provide the developers huge opportunity to sell out their apps while earning more revenue all through the year. For example, an app could be sold out on a subscription basis while the customers can subscribe the app on $5/year subscription fees. With this, the developers will be able to charge $5/year for an app rather than the flat $5 for an app which is allowing them to earn ongoing revenue.

App store

Not just that but major changes will be implemented in the subscription fees as well. As of now Apple cut 30% of the subscription fee in app store but this will be changed to 15% i.e. in case a customer stays subscribed to an app for several years, Apple will cut 30% for the first year and 15% for the rest of the year thus allowing developers to earn 85% of the profit.

Apple is Planning to Rollout Changes During Next Months

Search ads is another tweak that is also aimed to help out the developers. According to this tweak, ads will be appeared as soon as any search is conducted in app store and developers can purchase those ads for having better app exposure.

Apple is planning to roll out these changes during next couple of months. Apart from the above changes, we have seen major improvements in the app store during Phil Schiller’s reign and hope to see even more.


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