This is very true that we all get annoyed with all that pre-recorded messages from the misleading numbers and the automated text messages. But it seems this is going to see an end now as many big tech companies and telecom industry have formed a force along with FCC (Federal communications commission) to seek a solution to these pre-recorded messages from telemarketers and many big corporations. Called as “Robocall Strike Force” – this group is led by FCC and the first hearing of the force was held just today in Washington DC.

Big companies like Apple, Alphabet, AT&T, Verizon all are presented in this mission.

Apple And Alphabet Too Joins Robocall Strike Force
Apple And Alphabet Too Joins Robocall Strike Force

According to Mignon L. Clyburn, this kind of automated text messages and pre-recorded messages are really frustrating and users have tried to stop these calls by registering those numbers in the “Do not call list” which has shown no results. This is why they have come forward actively to stop all these things.

This strike force will report to FCC on 19th October as per the plan and they will present their concrete new tools and solutions for this which may be in form of Caller ID verification standards to block the spoofed phone numbers or else a list of numbers from the banks and govt agencies which telemarketers will not be able to spoof.

While the robocalls are really a scourge according to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, they already started addressing this issue from the technical end in the last year and asked all the telecom and phone makers to go ahead with some robocall blocking software. But AT&T needed FCC’s approval for using such technology and finally FCC posted a call to the arms in July that started cutting off robocalls and called all the carriers and tech companies to work in this mission with them.


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