In a statement issued to reporters, Apple said that they don’t believe in shipping a product that is not ready, and thus, as a result, a little more time is needed before they can release the much anticipated AirPods. That was all that was given and there have not been any further details on the delay.

Apple will therefore now release the Powerbeats3 workout headphones earlier than the AirPods. The first deliveries for the Powerbeats3 are scheduled for next week after the firm started taking orders for the earphones on Tuesday.

Apple AirPods launch delayed and will now rather come later this fall

The Powerbeats3, together with the AirPods and the Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones all have the W1 chip which makes it easier for the headphones to connect with multiple Apple devices. The device will be able to connect to an Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone or a Mac and also be able to switch accordingly depending on the device being used at the time.

The W1 chip does not just stop there. It also gives a greater range to users thanks to its Class 2 Bluetooth. Some informal tests conducted on the Solo3 Wireless showed that they could be used at distances of up to 400 feet. This is a significant figure considering most Bluetooth products support up to 33 feet.

The AirPods are most famous for not having a cord between them which connects them to the device, but other than that, they are just as the iconic white EarPods on previous phone generations. The AirPods rather rest on the user’s ear and they offer some quick taps and voice commands for user control. AirPods also have a beam forming microphone, accelerometers, some infrared sensors and much more. They also have a small charging and carrying case for people who are always on the go.

The AirPods will retail at $159.


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