Artificial Intelligence is probably the next big target of all tech giants and Apple is going a step ahead by acquiring Turi. Turi is a machine learning startup in Seattle area which was known as both GraphLab and Dato earlier.

Apple has confirmed the news and stated that Turi is an addition in their small  companies list that they are buying from time to time. The company is paying $200 million to acquire the start-up Turi.

Apple Plans To Get Smarter By Acquiring Seattle-Based StartUp Turi
Apple Plans To Get Smarter By Acquiring Seattle-Based StartUp Turi

Turi Actually Is A GraphLab Based Open-Source Project

Turi actually grew out of GraphLab based open source project that companies like Pandora used for power recommendation. Carlos Guestrin is the man to lead this team and the team will remain in Seattle only. Carlos Guestrin is the Amazon Professor of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning at the University of Washington. He also runs a very well regarded conference in the same field and the recent version of it just took place in San Francisco which gathered around hundreds of experts of that field.

Most of the tech giant company starting from Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are leaning towards AI and Apple too is not behind the scene. Apple came out early with Siri but it has evolved bit slowly while other companies really made a big move in the field by introducing technology like a bot.

However, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, they are planning to improve their customer experience by buying Turi. For example, machine learning will help understand Siri any words in a more efficient way along with the actual intent behind that and then Siri can deliver the most relevant responses to the request made. Also, this technology will be used in other areas as well to improve the facial and image recognition in the photos, predicting the perfect words while typing and more.