Apple has introduced the face recognition software, which can easily drop itself on the map and geotag the photos. Wait, seems like we have seen this somewhere before?

At WWDC 2016, Apple announced some of the new features in Photos; that gave us a serious case of déjà vu. That’s because Google photos already do pretty much the same stuff as Apple has recently announced, and with Google’s brain in it, it will be very hard for Apple to top it, and roll over.

So what exactly it is?

Here’s the part that Apple proposed that might be more interesting. It uses face recognition. Photos can determine that you have been taking photos at a series of the timeline and within a particular group of people, and within a given area. It will organize it into memories, just like Google Photos.

Apple has Introduced the Face Recognition Software
Apple has Introduced the Face Recognition Software

Then, Photos will make a slideshow of that memory, using all videos and photos from that particular memory (point in time and place), and add generic music to the background. Makes sense, right? You are now going to slide yourself across that memory, just like reliving that memory, over and over again. ( can we connect it to snap chat story, that you can download later on?)

The only difference we see is that when you make ‘memories’ in Google, you give all of your data to Google, but Apple can do this while keeping your data local. This is not surprising in itself because Apple has been a pushing privacy merits way too much, lately.


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