Do you remember the times when you were just another college kid who hated certain classes and would rather play dead in front of the campus nurse, hoping for a couple of days off, then go to classes and take notes? Do you remember those classes, and how difficult it was sometimes to prepare for them? Some of us certainly remember the multitude of times when we had a picture of something we needed in text format, and how much time we had to spend typing and retyping the text in order to make it usable for class. Or those times we needed to extract certain content from a screenshot… Today college kids are happy to have advanced technology that provides a solution to such problems, and best of all, it’s mobile!

Meet the App That Turns Images into Editable Word Files, Image to Word
Meet the App That Turns Images into Editable Word Files, Image to Word

Taking notes can be extremely hard for people who can’t focus, have attention disorders or are simply too lazy to pick up a pen and piece of paper. Luckily, today there are mobile apps to do it for them. Mobile apps have been around for 8 years, but really only a few years ago they developed into what we now know as useful pieces of software that help your mundane chores and provide entertainment.

So, without further ado – enter Image to Word! This particular app will let you convert even the toughest and hardest image files to searchable and editable .docx files through the immaculate power of its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine. With Image to Word, you can easily convert photos, screenshots, and scanned images in order to extract content from the image and reuse it for a different purpose. Here are several features of the recently released Image to Word 3.2 version:

  • Convert screenshots and complex images to .docx files
  • Easy access to sharing and reusing the app
  • Converted file is optimized and the content remains the same
  • Impeccable recognition and conversion quality
  • Faultless conversion results which can be opened in the app of your choice
  • No limit on the number or size of files being converted

In order to convert an image on your phone, you will have to do the following:

  1. After downloading the app click on the button which looks like this:

    Image to Word App Icon
    Image to Word App Icon
  2. You will be looking at the main screen of the app, which is seen below:
Image to Word
Image to Word
  1. Select from where you wish to convert a file by taking a photo with your camera, or choosing from the existing locations.
  2. Once you click on the photo, the converted files, and active conversions will appear on the main screen, as seen above.
  3. Open your new file in the app of your choice and feel free to make changes and reuse it as you wish.

It is important to note that Image to Word doesn’t offer the feature of editing the files you convert, so you should always have an editing app at hand (e.g. MS Word), or simply send it to you email and change it from your PC. Feel free to try out this app and let us know what you think about it!


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