Apple’s App Store has not stirred the same excitement as earlier times. There is an air of hopelessness enveloping the app ecosystem and it is demoralizing as it is apparent.

The apps released are in big numbers every year. In the initial year, in 2009, the App Store came with around 3000 apps release each month. Now in 2016, there are more than 50,000 apps released each month and it is just increasing by numbers.

App Store of Apple turning into a cemetery of dreams and hopes
App Store of Apple turning into a cemetery of dreams and hopes

There is no doubt that the number of app releases is increasing each month, but to surface the new apps there is nothing being done. This indicates that the developers are experiencing a tough time to get the apps that translate directly.

In 2009, the average ratings per app were more by 10 times and this means the apps released then were equally downloaded for more than 10 times as they are done today.

Developers Are Doing Faster With The App Store Than Earlier Times

If an app is not updated in a time period of six months, there are chances that it is not active and gets abandoned. In fact, the apps released in the past in the year 2009 on an average worked for nearly two years and then it was abandoned. On the other hand, the apps released in 2014 and 2015 were abandoned in a period of three months time. This gives a clear indication that developers are doing faster with the app store than earlier times and are leaving behind the abandoned apps. Thus, you can see the graveyard getting dotted by the abandoned apps.

Taking an estimate by the 2015 end, the App Store has abandoned over 1.5 million apps. Thus, with the app launch rate combination and the abandonment within two to three months has resulted in the App Store becoming a cemetery of dreams and hopes. Now, users are keeping fingers crossed to see improvements in the App Store.


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