The value of data can never be overlooked by us and this is the reason we all try to save the important data the best possible ways. eBackupper is one such very useful tool to protect online data loss which is very recently introduced. This tool can effectively backup the valuable websites and databases to the user’s own cloud drives and it requires just a simple click. That’s it, everything will be done then hassle free. The backed up data is also restored by the same tool at any point of time through a simple click.

AOMEI eBackupper is a feature-rich online data backupper tool and its main features are highlighted here.

AOMEI eBackupper, The Definitive Solution To Online Data Loss
AOMEI eBackupper, The Definitive Solution To Online Data Loss


  • One simple click is able to backup the websites and databases online to your private cloud drive in a matter of second. As of now, the cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive is supported and more will be added in the future.
  • Speedy and safe revival is another important feature of eBackupper. Again it requires just a simple click and the required websites or databases will be restored from the cloud.
  • The automatic backup schedule is one more highlighted feature of this tool that made it really cool. It can be scheduled to perform the data backup process automatically. Once scheduled, the software will backup database and websites on the daily, weekly or monthly basis as scheduled by you. So, the task of manually performing the backup job is eliminated here.
  • The interface of this SaaS (Software as a service) based tool is very intuitive to be used by the users. Data can be backed up or restored in a second. For an example, in order to add a website to the private cloud what it requires is the FTP or SFTP authentication details and that’s it.
  • Migration of websites or database is also done here. For example, you can choose a different location to restore the required data. So, the data can be migrated to a different location rather than the original location. Usually, this is sometimes done for a better performance.
  • Security is maintained at the best possible ways here. The data is transferred using the 256 bit AES encryption for the SSL while the data is accessed in Cloud drive through the OAuth Authentication.
  • Multiple websites and databases can be backed up in one task which saves your great time and effort.
  • Selective backup and restore is another useful feature of AOMEI eBackupper. You can choose just a single file rather than choosing the whole website for backup or restore. This will definitely save huge storage space.
  • Email notification is also supported by this data loss program. Users are notified upon completion of any task.

These features indicate how effective and functional the eBackupper tool is. So, sign up for this tool and say goodbye to data loss and website downtime. More improvised features will be added to the tool soon.

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