Have your computer crashed recently or got infected with a virus? And now you want all your data back which you are unable to retrieve. Then AOMEI can be the easy solution for you. The computer being a machine have a shorter life and is liable to mishaps like hard drive failure, any kind of physical damage to the computer or theft. Therefore a strong backup software like AOMEI Backupper Network 1.0 can come to your rescue.

It provides you backup management solution free of cost that can help you to create and manage backup tasks for all desktop PCs, and laptop. It saves the backup administration costs along with saving your time. A computer that works as a central server will look after the processing, for example, start, schedule, and stop and also the remote backup in all client computers connected within a LAN network.

AOMEI Backupper Network 1.0 - One Of The Strong Backup Software To Backup Data
AOMEI Backupper Network 1.0 – One Of The Strong Backup Software To Backup Data

All you have to do is install abNetwork on the central computer and on the client program which needs backup. Then it becomes the piece of cake to centrally manage and backup system, disks or partitions of all the client computers to a network share or NAS.

Key Features Of The New Product Launched By The AOMEI Backupper Network 1.0

  1. CENTRAL BACKUP: It uses a network, therefore, it becomes easy to backup systems, disks or partitions for all client computers within a network through a central computer or server without any interruption.
  2. AUTOMATIC SCAN: Instead of individually managing the computers at your workplace, it is possible to scan all the client computers in a go connected to a LAN network. You are required to enter the login information or send a request to the respective computers.
  3. GROUP CLIENT COMPUTERS: Now it is easy to divide client computers as per the department they are engaged in, for e.g.; sales, technical dept, finance dept, etc.
  4. SCHEDULE BACKUP: Manage backup by setting a schedule which enables to automatically backup the systems as per the set time duration.
  5. FLEXIBLE BACKUP RULES: It allows you to choose specified disk, disk number, partition number, drive letters etc. to backup as per your need or demand.
  6. COMPLETE BACKUP SETTING: It provides the facility to customize backup based on your preference and needs. For eg; you can add comments or encrypt backup images with passwords and so on.
  7. LOGS REPORT: It gives you complete analysis of the backup process by just one click if you would like to examine any backup or diagnose failures if there are any.
  8. REMOTE CLIENT MANAGEMENT: A tool is provided in the server computer which enables you to remotely install, update or uninstall AMOEI Backupper from any client computer.
  9. CROSS-SEGMENT BACKUP: It helps to support backup client computers in IP segments that differ from the central computer.
  10. ADD OFFLINE COMPUTERS: It allows you to add offline controlled client computers to a backup task and the backup will be executed automatically once they become online.
  11. AUTHORIZATION CODE: It gives authority to the central computer to control client computers via authorization code.
  12. NAS MANAGEMENT: In a network share, it allows you to add or remove or manage the account, password, and storage.
  13. BE NOTIFIED: Yes, receive all your notification through email of backup results or low disk space warning in a NAS.

How Does It Work?

  1. Install AOMEI Backupper Network on one of the connected computer in a LAN network which automatically becomes central management computer for other client computers.
  2. Install AOMEI Backupper standard on the respective client computer you would like to backup.
  3. A list will be shown of all the client computers on the central management computer, then remotely get control permission by sending authorization request or by entering username and password.
  4. Create backup tasks via a server and save the data to a network share/NAS.
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