Cola is opening up its developing kit for all who wish to build new apps. Cola is a messaging OS engineered app which brings interactive experiences into text conversations. It is a great app to plan and coordinate.

The updated version of Cola offers 12 “bubbles” which are actually applications which work inside the messaging app. The users can share gifs, images, flight and weather information and much more without having to create accounts with separate tools. The main aim, of the company, is to bring down the gap to completing simple jobs with others; for instance, a to-do list where people can check off things without having to leave the app.

Now Anyone Can Build Features for Cola Messenger
Now Anyone Can Build Features for Cola Messenger

The developers will be able to use bubble development kits to design more features for the messenger. Like Apple’s App Store, Cola is also awaiting an approval to guard users.

The app has been under development since 2014 where 10 dedicated developers have been working on the app, the users were given access only in March this year. Cola is not the first app which is been designed for posit platformization of texting people,there are companies like Heymarket and Atlassian who have already released something like this.

Although the services of Cola are unique it has companies like WeChat, Apple’s iMessage, GroupMe and Facebook Messenger as its competitors.

The app seems to have a limitation; one needs to be inside the app to look for and send across content. If one intends to send a gif it cannot be opened in Giphy. Cola users will have to use Giphy bubble to send the gif. In order to get full benefits, both the sender and receiver should have the Cola app installed.

The app is simple yet the bubbles are beneficial, but the company needs a good feature to draw the crowd.


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