You wouldn’t surf the net on your computer without an antivirus protection on your side, and you shouldn’t be browsing the net on your phone without taking the same precautions. As technology has advanced and changed, so have the viruses and malware designed to interfere with your tech, making practically no internet-connected phone safe from these threats. Having an Android antivirus app on your side can help you keep these threats at bay, however, and help you avoid them in the first place in many cases.

If you’ve been looking through free antivirus apps, you’ve probably come across AVG before. This app is among the top-rated security apps for mobile devices to date, and for good reason. When you choose do download AVG antivirus, you’re making a smart move for your phone and in the information it contains. Getting this app on your side is a must because of it:

Antivirus Apps for Your Phone
Antivirus Apps for Your Phone
  • Gives you plenty of security options. Aside from just scanning and removing existing viruses, the program scans Wi-Fi networks and websites later on to prevent new malware from infecting your device.
  • Offers a whole list of anti-theft options, ranging from the ability to track a lost or stolen phone via Google Maps to the ability to wipe your phone’s SD card or lock the phone remotely, regardless of how far away it might be.
  • Provides easy-to-use functions that allow you to optimize your battery usage and storage for a general boost to your Android’s performance.
  • Keeps your privacy intact by giving you an encrypted vault to keep important photos in, offering a camera trap service, and allowing you to lock sensitive apps you might have on your phone.

Each and every one of these features help to keep your phone safe from viruses, theft and much, much more while you’re on the go. When it comes to free apps, AVG is one of the most important applications you could ever install on your device.


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