Samsung unveiled the new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8, on 29th March 2017. Along with this unveil came a few other announcements as well. For starters, the new flagship will have two version: the S8 and the S8 Plus.

These will be quite large compared to the previous phones, at 5.8 and 6.2 inches respectively. The phones will also have smaller bezels and curved screens, placing an emphasis on the touch screen interface.

Announcements at the Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch
Announcements at the Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch

Along with other great features comes the new virtual assistant AI, Bixby. Bixby has been designed to function differently from the regular AIs, such as Cortana or Siri. Instead of providing search services over the internet, Bixby will help make the S8 more user-friendly, assisting the user whenever it is called through Bixby enabled apps.

It is aimed to add a new interface to the phone, a new paradigm to help make the device more usable. The S8 will come with a dock called Samsung DeX. This will allow the user to dock connect a screen to the S8 and use it as a display for the mobile. It will allow for connectivity to a keyboard, mouse and two extra USB ports, all of these will USB-C.

Samsung will also launch the Gear 360 sometime in the future. It will shoot 4K video in 360 degrees. It is said to be compatible with other devices as well. Samsung also announced the new Gear VR and it comes with a motion controller. The motion controller has a touch-sensitive trackpad and a trigger, among other features.

The new Gear VR and motion controller will be sold for $129 or the controller alone could be bought for $39. Samsung, with Oculus, has announced a Gear VR for home screens. Samsung truly wishes to redeem itself from last year’s Note 7 battery fiascos and the loss it incurred.


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