The first and most obvious main event during the current year seems to be virtual reality, specifically a new platform under the name of Android VR. The organization that brought a primitive and essential passage into virtual reality as Cardboard only a couple of years back is relied upon to get serious about the technology this week.

How would we know? Veteran tech columnist Peter Rojas said a week ago that Android VR is set to launch as a dedicated, standalone headset. Details other than this are somewhat light right now, however, this proves prior reports and the mention of “AndroidVR” we saw the other day in the most recent Unreal Engine review. Rojas says that this Android VR headset will be “less powerful than the Vive or Rift.” But as indicated by his sources, it will be a better experience than the Gear VR.

Android VR headset From Google
Android VR headset From Google

Back in February, the Financial Times reported that Google was working on a standalone headset that would not require a cell phone and that new VR software for Android may be flaunted at Google I/O in May. This report, in any case, recommended that genuine VR equipment would be presented sometime in September.

The declaration of something many refer to as Android VR, however, is everything except confirmed. If equipment is in the photo, it would make sense for Google to make this it’s developer gift so that software/applications/experiences can be prepared for a more extensive release sometime not long from now (as FT appears to suggest).


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