The date for the release of Android O is nearing yet there are speculations about its actual date of release.

Earlier reports came from David Ruddock who said that Google may prolong the release of Android O for Pixel and Pixel L further than August 21 while Evan Blass claimed that the release was due for August 21, most probably the release would happen on August 21 itself. The mobile reporter mentioned about this on Twitter. Android O will be available to Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Nexus Player.

Android O Speculated for Release on August 21
Android O Speculated for Release on August 21

After its release, the other Android device makers will use the update and tailor it by adding their customized features and overlays before they release it in their own devices.

An Autofill API will also be added where the autofill features of Chrome will be added to Android app sphere. Apps that will integrate API would be able to access autofill data from Chrome browser application. Say your Facebook login details for the Facebook app can be taken from your login through Chrome if you are installing Facebook for the first time.

Google says that the best feature of Android O is fluidity across all experiences within the Android ecosystem. Security and battery life have been made stronger and better twice – than what it actually was. The apps will load and boost faster and the performance of the software will be enhanced compared to the earlier builds of Android.

Smart Text Selection

It will also offer Smart Text Selection where you can select the desired text by double tap and paste. For instance, you can copy a full address and paste it on the Map so you can navigate yourself to the desired destination.

For those who wish to experience gives you a preview of Android O.


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