Android is without any doubt one of the most popular smartphones operating systems that were ever created. It was developed by the technology and internet giant, Google. The operating system is available for download and install in its developer preview form and includes many different features which were absent in Android Marshmallow. One thing to keep in mind is that Google will not be announcing their new Android version at the Google IO 2016 conference which will be held in May. This is because they want developers to find every way which could help Android N to become better.

Android N was announced this month but will not be launched before October, which means that users still have to wait.

Android N: Release Date and Features
Android N: Release Date and Features

Android N will support multitasking, this allows the user to operate two apps at once. The feature was seen in Samsung and LG phones but now Google has decided to incorporate the feature into the operating system itself. Users will now have the ability to direct reply notifications, this means that they will not have to switch from their window just to answer a text message instead they can do it within the notification that will appear on the screen.

The quick settings menu has also been subjected to some changes and looks really nice. Android N is promising many new things for its users, but we can only be sure if it fulfills its promises once the operating system is released in its finished form.



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