You are never going to miss out on any update on Olympics as there are five Android and iOS apps which will help you catch on all the thrill of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. Although NBC intends on covering the game in the US, all the games rounds or heat will not be telecast to the public. There will be competition which will be happening during the off hours; luckily smartphones come to rescue.

Interest in the games means IT experts are probably invigorating for the likely effect of the augmented strain on business networks. Conferring to a current study piloted by Wakefield Research, most IT specialists charted said they would need to display their business nets to handle the probable stress and instability due to Olympics viewing by workforces.

5 Android and iOS Apps to Update You With Rio Summer Olympic GamesAn online survey from about 400 IT specialists from UK, Australia, US, and Brazil said that most employees accessed data for Olympics from their laptops, desktops primarily and Smartphone too.

Atos SE, the supplier of IT systems in the Rio Olympics made arrangements for the demand for content on Smartphone by making video and data together with outcomes from the games accessible on various devices as well as smartphones.

There are many official apps of Olympics from different establishments which concentrate on the games. But social networks are not far behind and are going to get on with updates too. Here is a list of five apps which can be used on iOS and Android phones to keep a track of the progress of your selected contestants.

  1. Olympics – Official App
  2. Rio 2016
  3. NBC Olympics – News and Results
  4. Facebook
  5. Google/YouTube

The social giants have also hopped in to provide their users the best of Rio Olympics. Download one of the apps and stay updated with your favourite games and athletes.


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