Android, the most-used operating system on the planet continuous to be driven to make itself one of the best on the market. The software feels like a developer’s experiment which was thrown into the world, getting unpaid continuous feedback thereby making it the best in the world. The operating system, a brainchild of Google has come a long way to where it now stands strongly.

Google’s Android system has become one of the benchmarks when it comes to mobile operating systems. The most used operating system. Unless a company plans on making its own software, Android is the way to go. Blackberry, previously one of the best smartphone makers with the best operating system then is now all about Android.

Android! How it has grown?
Android! How has it grown?

Other big brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and many other mobile devices manufacturers are all going strong with Android. They are able to work with and utilize all the foundation Google laid as they built the Android operating system.

The plan has worked. For some, it has worked far much better than for others. But Android is reliable, it has worked for everyone. It’s no longer a developer’s pet project in the eyes of some. It has matured to truly stable, feature rich and powerful OS it was supposed to be. There is so much to like about the system.

Google plans to make the operating system better, fortunately.

The new Android N version, just around the corner is bound to make waves. Some of the features have just started surfacing and they look cool. One of the features, 3D Touch-like feature which enables a user to swipe down on an app and get any pertinent information from it. And the feature totally saves time.

The software is going to continue striving to become better. With all the new features they plan on releasing, the love people have for their Android devices will just increase even more. Android keeps on soaring high and for them, they might just stay there for a long time.


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